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Electric Assistance Program

EAP Advisory Board
  - October 26, 2018
  - July 27, 2018
  - April 27, 2018
  - February 23, 2018
  - January 26, 2018
  - October 27, 2017
  - July 28, 2017
    July 27, 2018
  - April 27, 2018
  - March 30, 2018
  - February 23, 2018
  - January 26, 2018
  - October 27, 2017
  - July 28, 2017
  - April 28, 2017
  - January 20, 2017
  - October 28, 2016


July 22, 2016

Rules of Governance of the New Hampshire Electric Assistance Program Advisory Board
Annual Report to the Legislative Oversight Committee To Monitor The Transformation of Delivery of Electric Services – Results and Effectiveness of the System Benefits Charge
October 1, 2018
October 1, 2017
October 1, 2016
October 1, 2015
October 1, 2014
EAP Dockets
Select Commission Orders
Statutory Authority
SB 228 (Chapter 298 of the Laws of 2005)
SB 300 ( Chapter 1 of the Laws of 2010)

The Electric Assistance Program, or EAP, can help income eligible customers pay their electric bills. The EAP provides eligible customers with a discount on their monthly electric bills. The discounts range from 8% to 76%, depending on the customer’s gross household income and household size.

All electric utility customers support the statewide EAP through the system benefits charge portion of their electric bill. The EAP discount helps make bills more affordable and helps customers avoid the risk of having their electric service shut off for non-payment. To be eligible for the program customers must receive an electric bill from a regulated electric utility and have a gross household income that qualifies at the time of application.

2018 Income Eligibility Guidelines

  Family Size Gross Annual Income  
  1 $24,280  
  2 $32,920  
  3 $41,560  
  4 $50,200  
  5 $58,840  
  6 $67,480  
  7 $76,120  
  8 $84,760  
For each additional person add $8,640.

The EAP is a 12 month bill assistance program. Benefits are subject to the availability of funds.

To learn more about the EAP, including how to apply, call your local Community Action Agency office or view the EAP brochure.






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