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2017 Electric Orders

Order #
Docket #
Company Name
25,998 3/10/17 DE 16-441 Public Service Company Of New Hampshire d/b/a Eversource Energy

Petition for License to Construct and Maintain Electric Lines, Neutral Wire and Fiber Optic Cable Over and Across the Oyster River and Little Bay in the Town of Durham, NH, and Pickering Brook and Little Bay in the Town of Newington, NH - Order Nisi Granting License


25,995 3/03/17 DE 16-873 Liberty Utilities( Granite State Electric) Corp. d/b/a Liberty Utilities

Petition to Establish Methodology for Billing Net-Metered Customers Under Rate G-1.  It is an Order Approving Tariff Amendment

25,994 2/28/17 DE 17-002 Clearview Electric, Inc. d/b/a Clearview Energy

Investigation and Show Cause Hearing on Penalties and Suspension or Revocation of CEPS Registration - Order Approving Stipulation and Settlement Agreement

25,991 2/21/17 DE 15-147 Unitil Energy Systems Inc.

Petition for Recovery of Distribution Revenue Displaced Due to Customer Net-Metered Generation - Order Approving Settlement Agreement

25,989 2/16/17 DE 16-844 New England Power Company

Petition for Authority to Issue Long-Term Debt - Order Approving Petition for Authority to Issue up to $800 Million of Long-Term Debt

25,985 2/3/17 DE 17-001 New Hampshire Electric Cooperative, Inc. and Public Service Company of New Hampshire d/b/a Eversource Energy

Joint Petition to Alter Franchise Areas in Sandown, New Hampshire - Order Nisi Approving Franchise Boundary Change


25,981 1/26/17 DE 16-873 Liberty Utilities (Granite State Electric) Corp. d/b/a Liberty Utilities

Petition to Approve Tariff Change for Rate G-1 Customers Pursuant to Puc 903.02(p) - Order Suspending Tariff Amendment and Scheduling a Hearing

25,980 1/24/17 DE 16-576

Electric Distribution Utilities

Development of New Alternative Net Metering Tariffs and/or Other Regulatory Mechanisms and Tariffs for Customer-Generators - Order Denying Motion to Designate Staff Advocates

25,978 1/17/17 DE 16-850 Electric Renewable Portfolio Standards

Adjustment to Renewable Class Requirements - Order Maintaining Class III RPS Requirements for 2017 and Modifying Class I Useful Thermal RPS Requirements for 2016

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