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2019 Water Orders

Order # Date Docket # Company Name Description
26,228 3/21/19 DW 18-174 Pennichuck East Utility Inc

Interim Petition for Approval of 2018 Budget for Qualified Capital Project Adjustment Charge, Order Approving 2018 Project Budget and Accepting 2019 and 2020 Forecasted Project Budgets for Informational Purposes

26,223 2/28/19 DW 15-199 Abenaki Water Company, Inc. Petition for Sewer Rate Adjustment, Order Authorizing Sewer Rate Adjustment
26,222 2/26/19 DW 17-128 Pennichuck East Utility, Inc. Request for Change in Rates, Order Authorizing Temporary Rate Recoupment and Recovery of Rate Case Expenses and Granting Motion for Confidential Treatment
26,218 2/1/19 DW 18-147 Hampstead Area Water Company, Inc. Petition for Approval of Financing, Order Authorizing Line of Credit
26,217 1/30/19 DW 15-199 Abenaki Water Company, Inc.

Request for Change in Rates. Order Suspending Tariff Amendment

26,213 1/24/19 DW 18-090 Pennichuck East Utility, Inc.

Petition for Approval of Changes to Rates and Terms for Fire Protection Service Order Nisi Approving Tariff Changes.

26,211 1/18/19 DW 18-189 Pennichuck Water Works, Inc., Pennichuck East Utility, Inc., and Pittsfield Aqueduct Company, Inc.

2018 CIAC Tariff Amendments.  It is an Order Suspending Tariff and Establishing Prehearing Conference.

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