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Dig Safe Education and Training

The Safety Division sponsors a number of Dig Safe damage prevention seminars and education opportunities throughout the state.  Three types of training are provided:

  • Annual Seminars geared toward general contractors, presented in conjunction with utilities;
  • Trainings conducted at company headquarters upon request; and
  • Training conducted at Commission offices to address with civil penalties and specific contractor violations.

Dig Safe Training Presentations

For more than two decades, current and past Governors of The State of New Hampshire have supported enhancing public safety through safe excavating practices by observing April as Safe Digging Month. In New Hampshire, each April typically launches the restart of a new construction season affecting thousands of miles of underground utility infrastructure. This continued focus highlights public awareness efforts of the State’s one call center, utility best practices regarding locating and excavation techniques, and the PUC Safety Division’s strict adherence to enforcement mechanisms that includes in-house training. Coupled with outreach campaigns such as promoting calling 811 prior to digging, each Governor has consistently reinforced the importance of New Hampshire’s Underground Damage Prevention System resulting in a continual progression towards the State’s primary objective of decreasing underground damage incidents. We feature the past 10 years of proclamations here in an effort to highlight the importance of their collaborative partnership. View New Hampshire’s measurements of historical trends and successful program outcomes on this page

Historical Safe Digging Month Proclamations



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