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Report Forms

Our forms are currently available in PDF and Excel. Please choose the PDF format if you are filling the forms in manually and mailing your form into the office. Please choose the Excel format if you are filing it electronically.

For reporting damages per NH PUC Excavation Damage Prevention Program, i.e. 800 Rules, use one of the following three forms:

(1) Utilities should report using form E-26 per 804.01 (b) (c) (d).

(2) All others, including the public, LPG Operators, excavators that are non-utilities, and other non-utilities shall use form SNU-0401 per 805.05.

(3) E-27a Jurisdictional LP Facilities Report (512.03) (11-2014)

If filing a Utility Report Form please email the form to safetydivision@puc.nh.gov. Utility Report Forms are required to be submitted monthly per 804.01 (a) on or before the 15th day of the following month in which a probable violation occurred, damage to an underground facility or both.

Utility Reporting Forms

Report of Probable Violation of Underground Utility Regulations and/or Damage to Underground Facilities (Utility)

If filing a Non Utility Report Form please email the form to safetydivision@puc.nh.gov. Non Utilities (excavators) may also submit probable violations, reports of damage or both by contacting the safety division via telephone, fax, email or mail. Please reference our Contact Information for more details.

Non-Utility Reporting Forms

Non-Utility Report


For all other forms required for PUC 500 Rules, metering, interruptions, accidents, purity, storage, leaks, and financial forms go to Gas/Steam Report Forms and Utility Accounting.



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