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There are three regulated gas distribution utilities and one steam distribution utility serving approximately 117,000 customers in the state of New Hampshire.  Liberty Utilities/EnergyNorth and Unitil/Northern Utilities are natural gas distributors.  New Hampshire Gas Corp. is a propane air gas distributor.  Concord Steam Corp. is a steam distributor.

Liberty Utilities/EnergyNorth
The total number of gas customers as of December 31, 2011 is 86,956, located throughout the Merrimack River valley from Nashua to the Lakes Region, with a few more in Berlin, New Hampshire.  Liberty Utilities has a regional corporate operations center in Salem, New Hampshire and natural gas operations facilities in Nashua, Manchester and Tilton.  Liberty Utilities acquired EnergyNorth on July 3, 2012 from National Grid.   

Unitil/Northern Utilities, Inc.
The total number of gas customers as of December 31, 2011 is 28,867 gas customers, located in the southeastern and seacoast areas of New Hampshire.  Unitil has a staffed New Hampshire operations facility in Portsmouth and corporate operations in Hampton, New Hampshire.  Unitil acquired Northern Utilities in 2008 from Bay State Gas Company of Massachusetts, a NiSource company.

New Hampshire Gas Corp.
The total number of customers as of December 31, 2011 is 1,142, located in Keene, New Hampshire.  New Hampshire Gas Corp. has both an operations facility and a business office in Keene, New Hampshire and receives additional managerial expertise from Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation (RG&E) in New York.  New Hampshire Gas Corporation is a subsidiary of RG&E of New York, which is owned by Iberdrola, a large energy company based in Spain.

Concord Steam Corp. 
As of December 31, 2011 Concord Steam Corporation served distributed steam to approximately 102 customers in the immediate downtown area of Concord, New Hampshire.   Concord Steam has a steam plant, operations facility and business office located in Concord, New Hampshire.  Concord Steam Corp. is a locally owned corporation.

These regulated utilities offer competitive energy alternatives to customers in their service territories. This site is designed to assist you in determining if those energy sources are available to you, what services may be available and a cost comparison with alternative fuels. For specific details, please contact the utility serving your community.