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Group Net Metering

With the enactment Senate Bill 98, New Hampshire established group net metering. This law (RSA 362-A:9, XIV) permits net-metered renewable energy facilities, known as hosts, to share the proceeds from surplus electricity generation with other electric utility account holders, known as group members. Group members do not have net metered renewable energy facilities and do not have to make any changes to their existing electric service.

SB98 charged the Public Utilities Commission with developing administrative rules to govern the group net metering law.

Following a process that involved stakeholder input, the Commission developed interim group net metering rules that went into effect on January 2, 2014.  Then through additional stakeholder input, the Commission developed final group net metering rules that went into effect on January 7, 2015.

Order 26,029 issued June 23, 2017 in regard to net metering also impacts Group Net Metering in New Hampshire. The 900 rules govern Net Metering and Group Net Metering in New Hampshire. They will be updated through a stakeholder process over the next year to reflect new changes from the Commission Order. The Group Net Metering section starts on page 35 in Section 909- Group Net Metering.
Below please find application forms for group net metering as well as a copy of the final group net metering rules, Puc 902 and Puc 909.

Please submit completed forms to:
Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

If you are an NHEC member, please contact Mike Sisto at of the Consumer Affairs Division,, 603-271-6029 regarding group net metering. 
Please direct any questions about the group net metering forms to Michael Sisto of the Consumer Affairs Division,, 603-271-6029.  For other questions regarding group net metering, please contact Deandra Perruccio of the Sustainable Energy Division, , 603-271-6079.